Social Games 2.0


How many people remember the train wreck and ensuing carnage from Web 1.0?  I like to think of it as an amazing education in how businesses shouldn’t be built – a very expensive education!

So now we sit back and look at Web 2.0, the Facebook IPO and the stock price of companies like GroupOn, Netflix and Zynga. Did it just happen again? What now Web 3.0?

I don’t think so. Questions of company valuations aside I think the business models of Web 2.0 are real and have longevity. Not to say they will all survive as competitors arise with similar and tweaked business models, but that’s just capitalism.

And so we decided to launch MyPix Games. We don’t compete with Zynga, in fact we don’t compete directly with anyone out there. We are just a team of fairly experienced people that decided to chase a dream and launch a new gaming concept.

Over the coming days and weeks we’ll talk about subjects such as Social Gaming, Social Influence and Social Scoring. We’ll talk about how to keep games fresh and monetization.

For now it all starts with a simple premise and an absolute focus on one thing. Providing an enhanced social experience for fans of sports and entertainment. The fan is our customer if we remember that then we’ll do just fine!

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