Facebook: It’s tough love!

After a pretty successful proof of concept with MyPix version 1.0 we really had three clear goals for v2.0:

  1. Richer graphics to support our sponsors branding
  2. More social and engaging functionality for users to enjoy
  3. Integration with social networks to support viral growth

So how do I score us 4 weeks after the v2.0 launch. I think the graphical UI is so far improved – even though it can always be cleaner and simpler I think we are in a solid direction. The social and engaging functionality? Just wait to see what we have in the pipeline, we have all the platform components in place to really do some great things. For viral growth we decided early that to meet our deadlines we would focus on the >900 million user Facebook social network. So what about Facebook integration?

A picture tells a thousand words, so here it is…

We have all our messages defined for posting information on new games, weekly results, winners, congratulating winners and the all important friend invitation with Coach locked-down. All our users have given us the permissions to post messages to their Timelines – which can be disabled in the Settings menu. Then we get to mid-August and Facebook changes the interface (API)  that applications like MyPix use. Our technical approach will still work but not reliably enough to put in front of our users. If you want the detail, Facebook deprecated the Offline Access in favor of long-lived Access Tokens but it leaves a lot of scenarios where results can’t be guaranteed. It broke a lot of 3rd party applications.

This week we will introduce Invitation-Coach via Facebook but it won’t be as seamless as we would like. We’ll keep working on the long-term solution but sometimes you just have to start with something functional but less than perfect.

Facebook. Yeah it’s tough love. Did we make the right choice to bet on it, I think so and time will tell.

One thing is for sure though Facebook is tough love!








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